How long does it last? Luxe stain typically last anywhere from 7 - 14 days but does vary depending on several factors such as application technique, skin type, lifestyle and aftercare. In some cases the results may not last up to 7 days.

Is Luxe Stain henna or tint? Although the results from Luxe Stain are similar to henna and tint, Luxe Stain does NOT contain henna or the ingredient PPD that is found in most tints.

I'm allergic to tint, can I use Luxe Stain? Luxe Stain is very gentle on skin and does not contain the ingredient PPD which is the leading cause for allergic reactions in tints. We still recommend that ALL individuals with sensitivities to tints and or dye perform a patch test before using the product.

How to use Luxe Stain?  1) Apply a small amount of Luxe Stain in the direction of the hair growth using a small angle brush. We recommend Beat Hive’s small razor brush.

*Tip* Start at the tail and use less and less product as you reach the head of the brow*

2) Use a cotton square to remove with water. The stain is instant so there’s no proccessing or drying time.

3) *Optional* Use Luxe Stain Remover and a precision q-tip to perfect the perimeter of your brows and clean up any any mistakes.

How long do I leave it on? There is no processing time for Luxe Stain. Immediately remove with water after your application.

Which color should I choose? Color selection depends on your personal preference and desired results. Our colors range from very light brown which is suitable for blondes to very dark brown. Colors can be mixed to create the perfect shade. View an example of the colors below. Please note that these are just examples and that the actual stain color may look different on the skin.

How do I use Luxe Stain Remover? Perfect your results by applying a small amount of remover to a cotton swab or cotton square to remove unwanted stain. Try using to remove stain from the front of brows to create an ombre effect.

For additional questions and/or concerns please email us at info@shopbeathive.com.